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5 Paraiso [CP]

F.T. Island ~ Paradise

♥ Five Treasure Island ~ Paradise ♪
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:: 5 Paraiso ~ F.T. Island Paradise ::

This is a fancomm dedicated to the upcoming Korean instrumental boyband Five Treasure Island [F.T. Island]. It's still pretty much under major construction, but anyone and everyone is free to join (go tell your friends now!). :P This profile will be updated as soon as I'm done procrastinating. ^^ Thank you very much for your patience~ d('_^)

:: p r o f i l e ::

n a m e.
Five Treasure island [F.T 아일랜드]

s t a t u s.

r e c o r d - l a b e l.
F&C Entertainment Co.

f i r s t - a p p e a r a n c e.
Rolling Hall - 2006.10.31

o f f i c i a l - d e b u t.


m e m b e r s.





d e b u t - a l b u m.

TV s h o w s.

두근두근 여친만들기
["Will You be My Girlfriend"]

f a n - c a f e.


:: r u l e s ::

There aren't very many, so please give them a read & be sure to abide by them..^^

o1: Respect everyone - the F.T.I boys, other celebs, and of course, other members of this comm.

o2: Place large images/pic spams under a cut. Cut texts should specify what's under it.

o3: Type in an understandable manner. d0o n0T TyP LiEk dIs & imit your chatspeak.

o4: Media sharing is allowed - except for legally released materials.

o5: Have fun! ^^

x silh0uette

~the first and original international F.T Island English fanbase

Join Now!

You know you want to~

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